10 best string of dolphins for home and outdoors

What is string of dolphins?

a string of dolphins is a type of plant. Such as calathea, string of turtles can be many more. The shape of their leaves is very similar to that of dolphins so the trees are known as string of dolphins. Their scientific name is Sensei peregrinus.

String of Dolphins
String of Dolphins

The plant can grow much taller. Is about three to four feet long. The vines continue to grow in the swinging state. The whole body in light green color. White has no equal in enhancing the beauty of any building.

When you stand by the sea and watch a dolphin play, you will remember the string of dolphins in your house. Everyone wants something beautiful. But that is not possible without the elements of nature. So sometimes we get a lot of beautiful things even in very small things. But we have to give place to that beautiful plant in our mind.

Such a small plant enlivens your house so much that we fall in love with them. You can put string of dolphins inside and outside the house. These plants need a warm environment to survive. So it is better not to keep it there.

About string of dolphins
About string of dolphins

About string of dolphins

The common name for Dolphin is string. But it looks like a dolphin, so many people call it String of Dolphins. Prefer juicy soil. White flowers bloom. They were born in South West Africa. There are many species of plants that originated in South Africa. Usually many kinds of plants of many colors are discovered there.

Adcantage and Disadvantages for String of dolphins

Enhances beautyAn appropriate environment is required
It takes less care
Small in size so there is no jam to carry
You can buy it for less money and Not toxic.
Take care of String of Dolphins
Take care of String of Dolphins

How to take care of String of Dolphins?

Unlike other plants, it does not require much care. With a little care, the trees last a long time. Its vines are thick and have a lot of energy to hold water. These save a lot of water. You pour water once or twice a week. The leaves do not die. Less putrefaction. However, if there are too many vines, cut them so that the new vines get a chance to grow.
Place it next to a window where the sun enters. Because if the plants do not get sun, they will turn pale. Try to keep it in the morning sun. Almost all plants prefer warm environment. Keep in the greenhouse process if you don’t get the sun.


Since plants like warm environments, the String of Dolphins need adequate lighting. The porch on the south is better. If you are thinking of keeping it out then you don’t have to take too much care. If you can’t give enough light after putting it inside, you can use halogen. Or you can take the advice of a researcher.


 Place the string of dolphins in the container you want to place, 2 inches below the soil level. That means the soil will be 2 inches below the base of the plant. Because at any time the leaves can rot with the soil. And it is better if the pot of plants is made of soil. The moisture and absorption capacity of clay pots is very good. And oxygen can travel in these.


Refrain from constantly pouring water. Because string of dolphins have a lot of water holding capacity. Their vines are very thick. These are more succulent than other plants. Even if there is no water for a week, they will not dry out. So try to give moderate water. Give half of the amount of water you give in summer and half in winter.


You can make fertilizer with soil and some vegetable leftovers. Leave the soil and discarded parts of various raw vegetables for 25 to 30 days. Then plant the String of Dolphins. There is no need to apply fertilizer on these plants. Excessive fertilizer application can kill the plant. Since the trees are able to hold a lot of water.

Are dolphin strings poisonous?

It is not toxic to humans. However, any animal such as dogs and cats are toxic to them. However, awareness is important. Keep the tree away from your kids. And also from pets.